“The balcony on earth”

Looking at the earth and into space

from 115,000 ft (35,000 m) under a balloon


Many of us have always been fascinated by

astronauts and their movements

outside their vehicles: the first steps on the moon,

going around the space shuttle or the space station.

French company Stratoflight will be the first to offer their clients

the unique experience of going out in space during a flight

to the stratosphere under a balloon.

An unforgettable experience.

Bookings will start in 2023 for the first flights scheduled for 2025.


The capsule with large windows is designed for 2 pilots and 4 passengers.

The balcony at the rear is the core feature: in turn, two passagers,

assisted by one pilot, will look at the earth and

outer space from an unique perspective.

To reduce the environmental footprint when building the capsule,

a significant part of the material will use biosourced

technical composites such as bamboo.


At 5,000 m

At 35,000 m

The zero-pressure balloon is based on a technology deployed

for many years by major space agencies, such as CNES and NASA,

for scientific purposes.

The lifting gas is hydrogen obtained from

renewable energy produced on-site.  

The difference of balloon shape at different altitude is explained

by the volume of gas expanding

(x128 between ground level and 35,000 m).

The first part of the smooth descent (up to 8,000 m / 26,000 ft)

is completed by a controlled release of the balloon gas.


The main parafoil is actioned by a deployment

bag system (well known in skydiving) around 8,000 m (26,000 ft).

The shift from the balloon to the wing takes place within a second.

The parafoil is controlled by fly-by-wire commands.

The two pilots have sidesticks (like in an Airbus plane)

to steer the vehicle towards the chosen landing field.

Security is the absolute priority in any type of flight.

A total of 4 different parachutes will be fitted

to the capsule (redundancy of safety systems).


The pressure suit will be worn during the whole flight.

In terms of functionality, the pressure suit

is like the ones used by astronauts:

providing oxygen, recycling CO2, pressurising the full body

in the very low pressure of the stratosphere and protecting

the passengers from the sun’s harmful radiations.



Founder, President and Chief Pilot

Arnaud is an Airbus 320 pilot with over 18,000 hours of flight time. He is also a talented sportsman as one of the best world specialists in mini-wing and wingsuit acrobatic flights, with more than 15 years of experience at the highest level. Arnaud brings to the project his exceptional flight experience and his pioneer spirit in his constant quest of new ways of flying.


Founder, COO

Denis is an entrepreneur, with a background in capital markets. Beyond finance, he has also developed businesses in various areas. He has solid experience in project management and marketing having launched numerous new products and services throughout his career.



CEO 3i3Signature LLC and founder of 3i3S. Aircraft pilot and telecommunications engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the Aerospace and Defence industry with companies such as Alcatel, Nortel Telecom, SES, EUTELSAT and Deloitte.


B787 captain and spokesperson for Air Operations at Air France. Administrator and vice-president of Aero-Club de France.





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